Silver Chef finance can turn your dream catering business into a reality!


The Silver Chef Rent-Try-Buy® Solution Explained

Silver Chef exists to help you realise your dream of business ownership in our Perth WA catering & hospitality industry.  With a unique funding solution that does not require large capital outlay, Silver Chef buys the commercial catering equipment from Practical Products Pty Ltd, whilst you decide of it is right for you.

From the small café owner to large corporate hotels & restaurants, Silver Chef provides a commercial business with the flexibility to save hard earned capital rather than exhaust it on upfront equipment fit-outs.

Rent-Try-Buy® enables you to:
After the 12 month rental Agreement you can:
  • Return the catering equipment if it is no longer required
  • Upgrade the catering equipment to suit the changes in your working commercial kitchen environment
  • Purchase the catering equipment and receive the 75% net rebate on rent paid
  • Continue to rent and the purchase price will continue to reduce
Key Benefits:
  • Peace of mind that if your equipment is not perfect for your needs you can upgrade
  • Frees up valuable working capital
  • Low weekly rental payments
  • 12 month rental agreement – no long term contracts
  • Rental payments are 100% tax deductible
  • No director guarantees - no need to put your house up for collateral
  • Try before you buy!
About Silver Chef

Silver Chef is the leader in hospitality and catering equipment funding in Australia, operates in New Zealand and Canada, and is also listed on the AXS.  Employing over 200 people, it is a company dedicated to helping business owners achieve their dreams in the hospitality industry.

Back in 1985, founder Allan English discovered a pizza oven set to transform the pizza industry.  After securing a bulk purchase from the USA, he and his business partner realised that many business owners could not afford to buy them outright, so they provided the very successful option to rent them – thus Rent Try Buy was born.

Today, Silver Chef remains a first choice for owners of start-up cafes all the way through to corporate hotels and restaurants!

How to Apply:

Click on the “Application for Silver Chef Finance” link
Download the Silver Chef application form, and send to Silver Chef Silver Chef Perth PDF Application Form

Call Practical Products Pty Ltd on (08) 9302 1299 or email

Call Silver Chef Australia for more information on 1800 191 684 or visit

Silver Chef Franchise Accreditation:

Silver Chef recently launched an exciting new finance programme to help Franchised businesses in Australia.
Franchised accreditation enables fanchisees and franchisors to fund their commercial kitchen equipment and store fit-out requirements without using personal assets as collateral.  This type of "pre approval" finance can help franchisors find suitable franchisees for their business chain as well as helping existing franchisees to expand their business.
Check out this link for more information on Franchise Funding at the Silver Chef website.

Franchises and Silver Chef
  • Special benefits to all Franchisees under one simple application
  • Rental discounts after 24 months
  • Reduced rental security bonds
  • Streamlined process
Franchise Application Downloads:

Silver Chef Rent Try Buy Brochure

Silver Chef Business Application Form

Silver Chef Franchise Rent Try Buy Brochure

Silver Chef Franchise Rental Application FormSilver Chef Franchise Rental Application Form

Silver Chef Franchise Accreditation BrochureSilver Chef Franchise Accreditation Brochure

Silver Chef Franchise Accreditation ChecklistSilver Chef Franchisor Accreditation Checklist

Silver Chef Franchise Accreditation Application FormSilver Chef Franchisor Accreditation Application Form