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Electrolux Electric Bratt Pan

Electrolux Electric Bratt Pan, the exclusive solution for wet or dry cooking of large quantities.

Braising pans with the innovative Duomat cooking surface (a combination of mixed stainless steels) are the best solution to guarantee a uniform temperature throughout the cooking area.

eXtraordinary simPlicity

Even the most difficult spots are easy to clean.

eXtensive Profitability

XP allows you to save money while respecting the environment.

Cooking cuisine with a multi-function method is a breeze in a Bratt Pan, just brown off the meat and vegetables with the fry temperature setting, then add liquid and reduce the heat to simmer with the lid closed, to gently braise. With the option of Electric or Gas, all Bratt Pan have a tilting function and varying models can be operated manually or automatically for the most serious of bulk cooking in Commercial Kitchens Perth WA.

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