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Electrolux Electric Deep Fryer

Electrolux Electric Deep Fryer makes a Positive Difference with Exceptional Commercial Kitchen Equipment

At Electrolux Professional, we seek to make your job a little bit easier and, as a consequence, your business that bit more profitable. For one hundred years we have developed, innovated and created the best of commercial kitchen supplies for renowned restaurants, hotels and cafes around the world.

We make it possible for you to secure a complete range of high-performance kitchen products, and we are the only supplier in the world that can do so.

Practical Products Perth WA specialised in Commercial Kitchen Equipment for Perth WA customers for 36 years, we stock all-quality commercial Cooking Equipment brands, Waldorf, Blue Seal, Cobra, Goldstein, Electrolux Professional, LUUS, Trueheat, American Range, Garland,  & more, Whether you need a Fryer for a Cafe, Restaurant, supermarket, Lunch Bar, Mining Camp Kitchen, Hospital Kitchen or any commercial Kitchen in the Hospitality & catering business, we have the right freezer for your business!

Call our experienced sales consultant at Practical Products Perth WA for a quote today!

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  • Electrolux 700XP single Pan 14 Litre Electric Deep Fryer
  • Electrolux 700XP double Pan 15L + 15L Electric Deep Fryer