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Turbofan Prover, The next generation arrives

Turbofan performance and durability in its DNA offering an expanded platform of products, with a wider range of oven footprints and increased tray loading capacity to suit virtually any application.

The new prover and holding cabinets by Turbofan come with style and durability with a plug-in connection making it easy to install. A fully insulated double-skin cabinet construction ensuring effective proving, an auto-fill humidity generator and holding cabinet function mode are standard with easy to use controls.

Turbofan Prover for Bakery & Commercial Kitchen Perth WA

Practical Products Perth WA specialised in Commercial Kitchen Equipment for Perth WA customers for 36 years, we stock all-quality commercial Cooking Equipment brands, Waldorf, Blue Seal, Cobra, Goldstein, Electrolux Professional, LUUS, Trueheat, American Range, Garland, Unox & more, Whether you need of a Prover for a Bakery, Restaurant,  Production Kitchen, Mining Camp Kitchen, Hospital Kitchen or any commercial Kitchen in the Hospitality & catering business, we have the right freezer for your business!

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  • P8M/2
  • P10M
  • Turbofan P12M 12 rack capacity electric Prover/Holding Cabinet
  • Turbofan Manual P85M12 Electric Prover / Holding Cabinet
  • Turbofan P85M8 Electric Prover / Holding Cabinet