AHT Athen XL Eco 210 Island Self Serve Freezer Sliding Glass Lids

Model Number: Athen XL Eco 210
Brand: AHT
Dimensions: 2102mm Wide x 1004mm Deep x 910mm High


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Integral freezer and chiller cabinets. Ready to plug-in.

The economical dimension in cooling and freezing equipment. Unbelievably efficient. Generous capacity meets modern, sales-stimulating design. Greater net capacity allows a broader range of goods, thereby increasing sales potential, while brilliant LED interior lighting means attractive presentation of your merchandise. Technical optimization makes the ATHEN XL ECO a true energy-saving marvel.

It features eco-friendly refrigerant R-290, a gas which has gained wider acceptance in Europe, where environmental concerns and strict regulations are driving the adoption of natural alternatives. During several lab tests, R290 has been found capable of high-performing, efficient operation. Compared to the refrigerants it will likely be called upon to replace, R290 yields more capacity with lower wattage consumption. In terms of achieving regulatory compliance, #R290 is very appealing: its global warming potential (GWP = 3) is well below the global threshold of 150 GWP, which places it in an elite class of refrigerants from the standpoint of minimal environmental impact.


• High energy savings compared with conventional open units
• Maximum energy efficiency due to electronic speed-controlled compressor
• Massive additional power saving potential due to extensive optimizations in technology and construction
• New synthetic interior casing for better hygiene and easy cleaning
• Improved viewing of merchandise and optimized capacity
• Ecologically sound – natural refrigerant propane
• 100% CFC- and PFC-free
• Constant interior temperature and high power reserves ensure high merchandise quality
• Ready to plug-in, no additional assembly required
• Low costs for investment and operation
• Maintenance-free cooling technology.


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