Atlas Pizza Dough Rounder SH502

Model Number: SH502
Dimensions: 730mm Wide x 670mm Deep x 520mm High


Unlike a traditional rounder, the Atlas SH502 Pizza dough rounder tightly moulds the dough pieces by stretching the gluten structure in one direction exactly as done by a skilled baker.

We can also call the rounder a Boule Moulder because of several significant differences between making a round dough ball and making a tightly moulded boule. The moulding process of the rounder machine is firm but gentle. This process refines the crumb and strengthens the gluten structure without damaging the dough and in the process, creates a seam at the bottom of the boule, which is placed down on the pan.

The unique and separate controls for stroke, rotation and oscillation on the rounder, kneads the dough from 3 to 75 times in a single pass.

The resulting boules will exhibit better proofing. The rustic breads, rye, sourdough, multigrain, specialty breads and high‐hydration dough with fruit, cheese and honey are just a few examples of what can be made into dough ball with our rounder machine.

Atlas SH520 Pizza Dough Rounder in action


Atlas Pizza Dough Rounder Features
  • 62cm Diameter bowl with “ moulding surface.
  • FDA approved materials CONE & BOWL.
  • Adjustable kneading stroke length.
  • Independent kneading speed and rotation speed.
  • Hand feed or use under a bread plant.
  • All sealed heavy duty ball bearings.
  • Easy to clean removable bowl and plant.
  • Lower body and mechanical parts in stainless steel.
  • Top in cast, anodized aluminum.
  • Anti‐adhesive process moulding surface.


Atlas Pizza Dough Rounder Specifications
Moulding bowl 62cm diameter bowl
Capacity 30g ~ 350g
Output 700~900 pieces (400 kg) / hour
Motor Power 1/2Hp TEFC Motor
Voltage 240Vac Single Phase
Net Weight 52 Kgs
Dimensions 730*670*520 mm
Country of Origin 100% Made in Taiwan


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