Blendtec Stealth 885 Commercial Blender With No Jug

Model Number: Stealth 885 Excluding Jug
Brand: Blendtec
Dimensions: 218mm Wide x 229mm Deep x 439mm High

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Stealth 885 – The ultimate, quiet commercial blender

The Stealth 885 combines durability and power with a new soft touch key pad. With advanced blender technology, 42 pre-programmed cycles and 14 cycles you can create and store to suit your own blends, the Stealth 885 is the quietest commercial blender on the market.

Product Features

  • Powerful 3.8 Peak HP
  • Jug not supplied
  • 360° sealed sound enclosure
  • With 1000ml four sided Interchangeable jug
  • Very quiet motor only 67 decibels
  • Multifunction: soups, smoothies, food products
  • Illuminated capacitive touch control surface
  • Intuitive interface for custom programming
  • Integrated with online Blend Wizard tool for creating custom blend cycles
  • USB connectivity for downloading/uploading custom programming
  • Recommended daily blends: 200+
  • Program cycles: 42 pre-programmed cycles
  • Colour: Black


Stealth Technology

The Stealth 885 includes a sleep sound enclosure, proprietary sound dampening and airflow innovations. These features allow it to operate at a sound level comparable to a normal conversation without compromising the power Blendtec is famous for, proving you can still have industrial strength power without industrial strength noise.

Customizable Pre-programmed Cycles

The Stealth 885 comes equipped with 42 pre-programmed cycles and a USB port. For the ultimate in customization, users can create custom drink programs with the online BlendWizard. This tool can create an unlimited number of blend cycles, and up to 14 can be stored on the blender.

Advanced Design and Functionality

The Stealth 885s cutting-edge design and functionality deliver an advanced yet user-friendly blending experience. Touch pad provides precision speed control, and the pulse button adds a burst of power. For customers who prefer a lower profile, an in-counter model is also available.

  • Stealth Motor – 3 years parts. 1 year labour.
  • Blade – Lifetime
  • Stealth Sound Enclosure – 90 days


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