Bonnet Neve Sound Top Overhanging Freezer Cabinet 2100

Model Number: Sound Top 2100
Dimensions: 2100mm Wide x 780mm Deep x 2280mm High

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The overhanging freezer cabinet Sound Top by Bonnet Neve, suitable for frozen and chilled food.

Features include:

  • Temperature class 3L1 (freezer),
  • 3M1 (chiller), Refrigerant: R290,
  • Anti-fog glass,
  • doors with soft self-closing mechanism,
  • Shelves and ticket holders,
  • LED lighting on doors.


It features eco-friendly refrigerant R-290, a gas which has gained wider acceptance in Europe, where environmental concerns and strict regulations are driving the adoption of natural alternatives. During several lab tests, R290 has been found capable of high-performing, efficient operation. Compared to the refrigerants it will likely be called upon to replace, R290 yields more capacity with lower wattage consumption. In terms of achieving regulatory compliance, R290 is very appealing: its global warming potential (GWP = 3) is well below the global threshold of 150 GWP, which places it in an elite class of refrigerants from the standpoint of minimal environmental impact.


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