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Moffat is a leading designer & manufacturer of commercial catering equipment, commercial bakery equipment, commercial restaurant equipment, commercial kitchen equipment and commercial ware-washing equipment here in Australia. 

The Moffat legacy holds almost 100 years of experience in the development of equipment for cooking and baking. Moffat was the first catering manufacturer to design and introduce a large scale rotating bakery oven for the mass production of bread, completely changing the retail market for bakeries in Australia.
Moffat is also the leader in commercial convection oven production and global chains such as McDonald's Cafe & Subway Bake House have embraced this technology world-wide.
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Blue Seal Commercial Cooking Equipment Range
Waldorf Commercial Cooking Equipment Range
Washtech Commercial Warewashing Range
Cobra Commercial Cooking Range
Scotsman Commercial Ice Makers Range
Fast Fri Commercial Fryers Range
Rieber Commercial Catering Equipment
Convotherm Commerical Combi Oven Range
Turbofan Convection Oven Range
Merrychef Speed Cook Oven Range
Paramount Bakery Equipment Range
Wexiodisk Commercial Warewashing Range

Moffat Oven Range