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RATIONAL accessories are specifically designed so that you will be able to use all the features of your RATIONAL Combi Oven.

Succeed with special applications such as preparing pre-fried products, grilling chicken and duck and cooking whole lambs and suckling pigs. Even escalopes and steaks can be prepared without time-consuming turning. Original RATIONAL accessories are specially matched to your RATIONAL unit. They are extremely rugged and thus ideal for daily, hard use in your professional kitchen.

Stands, base cabinets and Thermocabinet
To provide secure support for your RATIONAL combi oven there are stands and base cabinets made from high grade, robust stainless steel. All stands and base cabinets conform to the applicable hygiene regulations.

Finishing® system for banquets - Mobile oven rack
The mobile oven racks made from high grade stainless steel meet the highest quality requirements and are perfectly matched to RATIONAL commercial combi ovens. The ergonomic design allows them to be quickly loaded and unloaded. The additional transport trolley with its oversized, quiet and hygienic tandem castors (CNS) enables the food to be moved into the kitchen safely.

Stainless steel grid shelves with a range of rail spacings
Many different versions with different rail spacings and dimensions make them flexible to use. The rugged versions made from high grade stainless steel meet the highest quality requirements.

Give meat, fish and vegetables an aromatic smoke flavour and an unmistakable colour. Your products will be given a natural smoky flavour, which you can regulate exactly how you like it. Anyone with a RATIONAL unit can now prepare smoked foods without a smoking chamber. The new VarioSmoker makes this possible, which you can use as an accessory in your appliance. Quick, easy and cost-efficient.

Gastronorm containers and grids
RATIONAL stainless steel containers and grids are available in Gastronorm (GN) sizes 2/1, 1/1, 1/2 and 1/3. For excellent roasting and baking results, there are granite enamelled sheets and aluminium roasting and baking sheets with non-stick coating in GN and bakery standard sizes. For typical baking applications, Rational recommend the perforated Teflon coated baking trays which are also available in GN and bakery standard sizes.

Other Original Rational Accessories Include

  • RATIONAL muffin and timbal mould
  • RATIONAL CombiGrill® grid
  • RATIONAL Grill and Pizza Tray
  • RATIONAL Grill and Roasting platter
  • RATIONAL CombiFry®
  • RATIONAL Duck superspike and chicken superspike
  • RATIONAL Multibaker
  • RATIONAL UltraVent®
  • RATIONAL UltraVent® Plus
  • RATIONAL Spare Rib grill
  • RATIONAL Potato Baker
  • RATIONAL Lamb and Suckling pig spit

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