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The Turbofan convection oven achieves top performance in Baking, Roasting and Cooking.  Find the perfect Turbofan Convection oven here at Practical Products today!

Turbofan has upgraded their entire oven range by increasing the tray load capacity, introducing a smart door design for safety, matching prover and holding cabinets in 8, 10 or 12 tray capacity, coupled with durable construction and ingenious design, there is an oven in this expansive range to suit any commercial kitchen application.
Bi-directional fan systems, larger fans and high power fan motors enhances even cooking within the chamber and across the trays allowing for high volume output with top quality baking results from any commercial kitchen.
Roasting & Cooking:
Turbofan Convection Ovens are perfect for roasting beef, chicken, lamb and pork. The upgrade on the fan system of the convection oven range delivers increased air volume and distribution of heat within the oven cavity.  Dishes such as pies, potato bake, casseroles and braised steak are cooked to perfection.

  • Cooking evenness and consistency
  • Vitreous enamel oven interiors
  • Precision digital controls: Turbofan 20 and 30 Series ovens now feature digital display
  • Stackable units – make use of small spaces, and portable
  • One Touch Control Panel Screen: The new touch screen features manual and pre-programmed operating modes
  • Pre-programmed cooking & multi stage cooking options