UNOX Bakerlux SHOP Pro Touch Convection Oven With Humidity 3 Tray 460 x 330 Left Opening

Model Number: XEFT 03HS ETLV

Dimensions: 600mm wide x 669mm deep x 427mm high

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Bakerlux SHOP Pro TOUCH is the solution to high volume baking from frozen products to a perfect finish. With UNOX intensive cooking technologies, your oven is unique, intelligent and connected.


Extracting humidity for maximum flavour.  DRY.Plus expels humid air from the baking chamber to help the internal structure of the product to form properly, creating a texture that remains perfect for hours.


On-demand humidity for perfect baking.  STEAM.Plus technology instantly creates humidity inside the baking chamber, from a temperature of 90°C up to 260°C, for excellent results with every batch.


Transmit, unite, transform.  AIR.Plus guarantees perfect air and heat distribution within the baking chamber, for uniform results at every point throughout every tray.

The BAKERLUX SHOP.Pro™ provers allow you to set your desired humidity percentage inside the proving chamber in order to obtain perfect results every time, for every recipe.

BAKERLUX SHOP.Pro ™ LED is the answer to the needs of an easy-to-use convection oven with the possibility of adding humidity to the most delicate and critical baking cycle.


Precise, repeatable, uniform. From the first to the last piece, same color, same structure, same result. Discover the pleasure of perfection.


The baking of frozen dough is a science. UNOX ovens deliver fragrant, crisp and consistent internal structures with golden and uniform external surfaces with no efforts.


Three golden rules: precise temperature, gentle and regular ventilation and maximum extraction of humidity.
Prepare for perfect dehydration. 

The BAKERLUX SHOP.Pro™ TOUCH model offers all the advantages of a 2.4” LCD display that allows you to store and name baking programs with pictures, as well as offering quick and intuitive programming. You can set up to 9 baking steps per program, controlling the humidity and choosing between two different fan speeds.


  • Up to 9 Baking steps
  • 99 Memory Programs
  • 2.4 inch LCD Display
  • UNOX phone APP compatible - DATA DRIVEN COOKING
  • WIFI connection & USB port
  • Multi Time Timer - manages more than 10 timers for simultaneous cooking
  • 30-260C degrees temperature
  • Humidity: 0-20-40-60-100%
  • 2 Fan speeds
  • Prover control
  • LED internal lighting to keep food colours true
  • Double insulated glass door
  • AUTO right to left opening door
  • Electric lock
  • Anti flipping rack safety supports