Electrolux 900XP single Pan 15L + 15L Gas Deep Fryer

Model Number: E9FRGH2GF0

Dimensions: 800mm Wide x 930mm Deep x 850mm Height

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The Electrolux Professional 900XP Freestanding Gas Fryer with twin pans is designed with a unique v-shaped well, which enables 30% less oil wastage.

Coupled with two deep drawn, 15 litre capacity fryer tanks, this unit is highly efficient. A special surge zone, situated within the worktop, reduces the potential of spillage, ensuring safe usage at all times. The stainless steel construction guarantees a high level of hygiene. Equipped with two baskets per tank and lids.


  • Well design enables 30% less oil wastage due to it's cool zone

  • Ergonomic operator control knobs designed to minimise liquid infiltration

  • Pressed one piece worktop in 2mm stainless steel with smooth rounded corners makes cleaning easy and controls overspill from pans

  • Laser cut side edges of worktop enables equipment to form a virtually seamless joint

  • Thermostatic controled 105C to 185C

  • Dimensions of 800mm x 930mm x 850mm

  • Rated at 100.8MJ Gas