Frymaster 3 x 25 Ltr Oil Conserving Built in Filtration System Fryer-

Model Number: FPH355-2C-NG

Dimensions: 1190mm Wide x 800mm Deep x 1211mm Height

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Frymaster’s FPH355-2C-NG high efficiency fryer is a premium open-pot fryer that combines state-of-the-art technology with decades of frying experience and customer satisfaction to set the standard for high-efficiency frying. Frymaster’s H55 commercial deep fryer series saves users thousands of dollars annually on energy costs. Infrared burners and blower system delivers an ultra-refined air-gas mixture so the fryer operates well in any gas application such as at high altitudes, in environments where air circulation is sub-optimal or when the heating value of the gas is diminished. Frymaster�۪s renowned, built-in filtration system puts filtration where it�۪s most convenient to use – right within the fryer battery, eliminating the need for additional floor and storage space.

With simple push button filtering and auto top-off (ATO) of frypot oil, the FilterQuick™ will not only save you up to 40% in oil costs, but allow you to become a true fry master. Improve profit margins with labour and energy saving features, contribute to green and sustainability initiatives and safeguard workers


  • 25 L oil capacity per full frypot
  • 12.5L per split frypot
  • 253.2MJ gas output (natural or propane), 230/240V, 50Hz, 6A power supply
  • Produces 36kg chips from frozen per hour / per frypot
  • External dimensions: 1191W x 752D x 1158H mm


  • Comes standard with Frymaster's CM3.5 controllers and built-in oil filtration
  • Open pot design makes the unit easier to clean, saving time and extending the frypot lifespan
  • Infrared burners ensure state-of-the-art heat transfer, saving thousands on energy costs per annum
  • Center-mounted, RTD, 1� compensating temperature probe ensures frying consistency
  • Space saving built-in filter which fits inside fryer cabinet housing for easy oil management