Frymaster single pan gas Deep Fryer 40lt capacity

Model Number: MJ1CF

Dimensions: 530mm wide x 1013mm deep x 1172mm high

Formerly referred to as the MJCFSD, Frymaster’s Master Jet Performance 40L fryer has been Australia’s number one commercial deep fryer for 30 years and is the best choice for those frying large quantities of chicken, fish and other breaded products as well as standard chips and fries. Unmatched in the industry for its efficiency, reliability and performance, the new MJ1CF model features a powerful atmospheric burner coupled with a centreline fast action thermostat accurate to 1° C for perfectly crisp chips every time you fry. Backed by a lifetime (limited) warranty on the stainless steel frypot, it’s no wonder Frymaster fryers are voted Best in Class year after year.


  • 40L Capacity, natural gas model (LP gas also available)
  • Comes standard with twin baskets, supports and hanger, legs, flue deflector and cover
  • 158.3mJ gas rating, 32mm IPS ball-type drain valve
  • Millivolt controls require no electrical hook up
  • Stainless steel Frypot
  • Millivolt Controls
  • Rounded corners for easy to clean Euro look
  • Master Jet Burner, no Burner Tube radient to burn out, no cleaning or adjusting air shutters
  • Durable centerline Thermostat, 7 to 10 second responce to loads, 1° anticipation, reduced temperature overshoot
  • Deep cold zone
  • Shipping weight: 135kg


  • Can produce up to 45kg of fish per hour, specifically designed for fish and poultry
  • 1° accurate thermostat anticipates rapid rate of temperature rise, reducing temperature overshoot
  • Save time and labour with open pot design, no cleaning air shutters or pesky tubes in tube fryers
  • MasterJet burners ensure even heat distribution for perfectly cooked product
  • Fully stainless steel cabinet and new, sturdier basket hanger for greater longevit