Frymaster twin pan gas Deep Fryer 2 x 12.5lt capacity

Model Number: PMJ145G-2SD

Dimensions: 397mm wide x 801mm deep x 1168mm high

Split pot gas fryer with stainless steel pot, precise thermostat control with 1 degree celcius rapid response and continuous pilot ignition. Shortening capacity of 22 - 27 litres. Millivolt safety valve. Can be used with a Filter Magic System. STANDARD FINISH: Stailess steel door, enamel cabinet and stainless steel legs.


  • Open pot design is easy to clean
  • 128.7mj
  • Stainless steel Frypot
  • Millivolt Controls
  • Rounded corners for easy to clean Euro look
  • Master Jet Butrner, no Burner Tube radient to burn out, no cleaning or adjusting air shutters
  • Durable centerline Thermostat, 7 to 10 second responce to loads, 1° anticipation, reduced temperature overshoot
  • 2 x 12.5 lt oil capacity
  • Deep cold zone, 32mm IPS Ball type Drain Valve
  • Standard with: Legs, Rack type Basket support, 2 Baskets, Hanger, Flue Deflector
  • Shipping weight:92kg