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The American Range Gas Oven Ranges has a unique front rail, perfect for all types of busy kitchens requiring resting space for plates, and stabilising large pots and pans. 0.
Choose a oven with the efficient “Cirsonic” two-piece burner which quickly and evenly spreads the flame across the base of your pan. Rated at 26 MJ, the heavy duty open burners have been specifically designed for added reliability to ensure no pilot light blockages. Choose a oven with a griddle which are like sponges, the thicker the plate, the more heat it holds. By holding the heat, the griddle will ensure greater more even cooking results. (Available in 16mm standard on all oven models, or 19mm on Griddle only with optional 25mm upgrade.)
With a removable door design for easy cleaning, hygeine is always at the highest level. Two extra heavy-duty hinges lock the door in position to avoid any accidents in the kitchen.