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A Quality Commercial Microwave to suit your business!

Roband Australia proudly presents its range of Robatherm Microwaves, carefully sourced, tested and selected by Roband to meet the demanding needs of Australian commercial kitchens.
Our simple to understand range extends from single magnetron light duty models handling the everyday requirements of a commercial kitchen, through to heavy duty dual magnetron models providing busier outlets with efficient, high-volume output throughout the day.

All Models Feature:

  1. Programmable Menu
  2. Easy Intuitive Touch Button Operation
  3. Constructed of Stainless Steel
  4. Ceramic Base

Specified with the most trusted commercial magnetrons, proven quality components and backed by Roband Australia’s highly regarded after sales support, you can be confident purchasing a Robatherm Commercial Microwave.

Light and medium duty models are covered by a 1 year parts and labour warranty, whilst the heavy duty options are covered by a 2 Year Parts and 1 Year Labour Warranty.