Gam King series electric Pizza Deck Oven Fits 9 x 38cm Pizza

Model Number: King 9

Dimensions: 1530mm wide x 1470mm deep x 453mm high

Add Pizza to your menu and have the King Series from GAM add profits to your business.The King is the only oven in the world that bakes with the innovative IWOS System. IWOS System stands for (Italian Wood Oven Substitute) Cook pizza Delicious Wood Fire Tasting Pizza in minutes.

IWOS™ stands for Italian Wood Oven Substitute and in fact this system recreates with very good approximation both the flow of air in a wood fired oven and its baking result. The baking chamber is hollow, the heated air flows inside the cavity is pushed upwards by heating elements and channelled back into the baking chamber from above directly on to the product.
Why the KING Series IWOS It is through this amazing innovation in recovering the heat through the circulation of air that the IWOS can reproduce the flow of air inside a wood fired oven. This is done without all the problems commonly associated with the use of a wood fire oven • Cleaning & ash disposal • Supply of fire wood • Hygiene • Ventilation issues • Labour staff costs • High start up costs • Authorizations • Space and storage for wood • Soot reducer
Thanks to the technology of using static relays together with the state of the art software installed in a microchip in the electronic Board, it is possible to customise the baking with versatility and easiness in use, distributing proportional energy absorptions for the expected work load in the chamber. The KING IWOS pizza Deck Oven uses special materials incorporating a high insulation capacity with a gasket against high temperatures on the front of the door. This determines an optimal thermal efficiency and therefore low current consumptions = Massive Increase in Energy Efficiency

Main features

*Innovative I.W.O.S ™ (Italian Wood Oven Substitute) Baking System
*Fully constructed in high grade (AISI) 304 stainless steel
*Fits 9 x 34cm pizzas -Cooks 108 pizzas per hour*Modular (up to 3 baking chambers can be stacked on) -Double Back up - Electro-mechanic security thermostat comes into effect when the inner Temperature of the chamber gets over 470°C; ensuring no anomalies within the electronics. -Possibility to store up to 9 baking programs -Heat resistant sealing gasket for high temperature to insulate the window -Glass fibre insulation to better keep heat inside the oven -Economy mode to save 50% of energy -Double glazed door to prevent burn
-Dual control system that indicates any malfunction -Top and bottom heat control -Timer and alarm -Temperature indicator -Perfectly flat refractory stone -The oven has a digital valve for the total or partial fastening of the smoke discharge. -Auto mode to set the switching on time -Highly sophisticated electronic control system panel that divides in quadrants, -Easily indentifying the function to be used. -Double bulb in each baking chamber -Advance digital panel allowing full user control on all aspect of cooking
Specification -Power supply 3 phase, 400 volt. 8.0kw
-Does not come with Plug (Unit can be Hardwired or a 3 Pin 3 Phase Plug Sold Separately)
Net weight 173 kgs

**Optional GAM Stainless Steel stand available as shown in left image



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