Turbofan P8M/2 electric Prover and Holding Double Stacked

Model Number: P8M/2

Dimensions: 735mm wide x 810mm deep x 1792mm high

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Turbofan P8M/2 - Full Size Tray Manual Electric Prover And Holding Cabinet Double Stacked


Volume: Proofer = 2 x 0.76, Stacking kit = 1 x 0.12m3
Packed Weight: Oven = 2 x 95.3, Stacking kit = 1 x 7kg

Product Features

  • Designed for individual use or installed w Turbofan E32 Convection Ovens
  • Two 8 x 460mm x 660mm full size sheet pan capacity
  • Two 16 x 460mm x 330mm half size sheet pan capacity
  • Two 8 x 400mm x 600mm tray capacity (optional kit)
  • Two 8 tray capacity prover and holding cabinet double stacked with castors
  • 76mm tray spacing
  • Compact 735mm width
  • Low velocity circulation fan
  • Off / Prover / hold mode selection dial
  • Mechanical thermostat 20-85C
  • Air heating ON control panel indicator
  • Humidity level control
  • Humidity tank ON control panel indicator
  • Cabinet temperature thermometer
  • Auto-fill water system standard
  • Single phase connection