Vitamix XL

Model Number: VM10203

Dimensions: 314mm Wide x 295mm Deep x 483mm Height

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The largest countertop blender available, the XL is engineered to reduce preparation time, significantly improve staff efficiency and expand your menu capabilities. With a powerful ~4.2 peak output motor, it allows blending from the most delicate of ingredients (eg tomatoes) to dense meat.

With its large capacity and ability to increase the nutritional value of many foods, the Vitamix XL is an extremely valuable addition to kitchens in nursing homes, hospitals, retirement centres, schools, colleges and universities - the perfect tool for satisfying large groups of people!+



  • Powerful ~4.2 peak output HP* motor.
  • Large 5.6 Ltr container allows up to 24 (240ml) servings; optional 2 Ltr container
  • Low counter top profile
  • Pulse function and variable speed control
  • High performance blade design
  • Tamper stick for whole food processing while blending
  • Ergonomically designed for safety and ease of use