Spidocook double head smooth top plates & bottom Glass ceramic Contact Toaster

Model Number: SPE-SP020P

Dimensions: 619mm wide x 458mm deep x 176mm high

The SPIDOGLASS line of contact grills with its extreme ease of use and excellent grilling results is perfect for bars and fast food restaurants and can be a valuable tool in the kitchen. The glass ceramic contact grills and fry tops can cook many products from sandwiches and focaccia to grilled meat or vegetables, providing excellent results. They are safe to use and extremely fast and easy to clean which gives clear benefits in terms of energy savings and increased productivity in the kitchen.
SPE-SP020P SpidoCook Glass Ceramic Contact Grill

• Plate dimensions: N° 2 250x250 mm
• Smooth top metal plates & smooth Glass ceramic bottom
• External coating in stainless steel high strength with rounded edges for maximum hygiene and cleanliness
• Side covers anti dirt traps
• Structure light weight heavy duty with the use of innovative materials
• Main power switch
• Self-diagnostic system to detect problems or failures
• Safety température limiter
Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
Voltage: 220-240V ~ 1PH
Electrical power: 3,0 kW
Plate Dimensions: N° 2 250x250 mm
Max. temp: 400°C
Weight: 17 kg