Hobart Models

Heavy Duty Mixers

Hobart Mixers – just the power you need to get the job done

Making doughs or batters in-house? No problem!  Mixing up buttercream frostings, whipped cream or mashed potatoes? That is a piece of cake!   Our full line of countertop and floor mixers help you streamline your kitchen’s food preparation needs with the appropriate power and torque for the job.

Hobart’s name has been synonymous with mixers for decades. World famous for producing market leading, easy-to-use machines, saving caterers’ time and delivering consistent and efficient results. The present Hobart Legacy HL Series & Planetary Gear Mixer range is suitable for every type of operation, from hospitals and schools to bakeries and confectioneries and everything in-between.

All machines are ergonomically designed and enjoy extensive safety features to ensure that the highest level of Work Health and Operator Safety is maintained – making the Hobart range of mixers the natural choice.