Dynamic jUNIOR Series Whisk ATTACHMENT

Model Number: AC102 (ATTACHMENT ONLY)
Brand: Dynamic
Dimensions: Whisks Length 185mm

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The JUNIOR line is light and easy to use, and with the addition of this Whisk, you can expand on the capabilities of your Dynamic mixer.

Dough, creams, light purees can easily be prepared for example : 2 to 50 white eggs may slowly be whisked up at reduced speed and finalized at high speed ensuring an incomparable density and uniformity. But also, sponge cake mixtures, almond pastes, soufflés, chantilly whipped cream, creams and sauces, pancake mixtrues, meringues, whipped cheese, mayonnaise,etc.


  • 1 – 5 Litres
  • 185mm Whisk length
  • Detachable for ease of cleaning
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