Electrolux Air-O-Convect Injector 20 x 2/1GN electric Combi Steam Oven

Model Number: AOS202EKR1
Brand: Electrolux
Dimensions: 1243mm Wide x 1107mm Deep x 1795mm High

Main Features:

  • Electric C level Air-O-Convect Injector Combi Steam Oven

  • 20 x 2/1 GN Tray capacity
  • Touchline control

INCLUDES: On site commisioning & product training

  • Dry hot convection cycle (max 300 °C) ideal for low
  • humidity cooking.
  • Automatic moistener (11 settings) for boiler-less steam generation:
  • 0 = no additional moisture (browning, au gratin, baking, pre-cooked food)
  • 1-2 = low moisture (small portions of meat and fish)
  • 3-4 = medium low moisture (large pieces of meat, reheating, roasted chicken and proving)
  • 5-6 = medium moisture (roasted vegetable and first step of roasted meat & fish)
  • 7-8 = medium-high moisture (stewed vegetables)
  • 9-10 = high moisture (poached meat and jacket potatoes)
  • air-o-clean™ automatic and built-in self cleaning system (4 automatic) with “Green” functions to save energy, water and rinse aid.
  • Air-o-flow: fresh air from the outside is directed to the bi- functional fan, becomes pre-heated and then pushed into the cooking chamber to guarantee an even cooking process.
  • Programmability: up to 1000 recipes can be stored in the oven’s memory to replicate the same recipe at all times.
  • Includes also 16-step cooking programs.
  • HACCP data management
  • Variable fan speed (radial fan): full speed, half speed and pulse ventilation available.
  • Hold function for keeping food warm at the end of a cycle.
  • Automatic and manual rapid cooling activation
  • MultiTimer function to manage a sequence of up to 14 different cooking cycles, improving flexibility and ensuring excellent cooking results. Can be saved up to 70 multitimers programs.
  • USB connection: to download HACCP and FSC data, upload the recipes and interface setting.
  • Single sensor core temperature probe included.
  • Make-it-mine feature to allow user to personalize all user main interfaces in the “Setting” mode and block editing and deleting of stored programs.
  • Supplied with n.1 tray rack 20 x 2/1GN, 65 mm pitch.


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1243mm Wide x 1107mm Deep x 1795mm High


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