Electrolux Professional 900XP 800mm wide Gas Smooth & Ribbed Brushed Chrome Plate

Model Number: E911MAAOMEA-391403
Brand: Electrolux
Dimensions: 800mm Wide x 930mm Deep x 250mm High


An incomparable solution!

900 XP Fry TopHP with NitroChromesurface is a unique, non-scratch solution, ideal for heavy duty use, easier cooking, easier cleaning and low heat emission.


Non-scratch surface

NitroChrome3 guarantees extreme resistance to scratches and corrosion in addition to improving the non-stick properties of the cooking plate, ensuring express cleaning at the end of the day.

Brushed Chrome Fry Top

Highly resistant

Rough brushed chrome surface is highly resistant to scratches and facilitates cleaning operations at the end of the day.

Half module gas Fry Top with sloped 2/3 smooth 1/3 ribbed Brushed chrome cooking Plate, thermostatic control

A unique burner design, coupled with a 800mm wide, sloped Brushed chrome smooth plate, and removable splashback, ensures maximum heat efficiency. The choice of a chromium plated surface prevents the absorption of cooking juices, while the sleek, round-edged construction guarantees easy cleaning.


  • Sloped 2/3 smooth 1/3 ribbed Brushed chromed 15mm Thick Stainless-Steel Plate
  • Ergonomic operator control knobs designed to minimise liquid infiltration
  • Pressed one piece worktop in 1.5mm stainless steel with smooth rounded corners makes cleaning easy
  • Thermostatic temperature control valve
  • Special burner design ensures maximum heat efficiencies
  • Dimensions of 800mm x 730mm x 250mm
  • Rated at 72 MJ Gas


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