Everlasting RPE1790 1 Solid Door Retarder Prover

Model Number: RPE1790
Brand: Anvil
Dimensions: 830mm Wide x 790mm Deep x 2206mm High
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Everlasting RPE1790 1 Solid Door Retarder Prover

Everlasting RPE1790 Retarder Prover with single Solid Door


Product Description

  • Controlled fermentation by accurate management of temperature, humidity and time
  • Suitable for 600 x 400 trays (20 levels at 48mm pitch or 18 levels at 72mm)
  • Supplied with 20 pairs of guides
  • Temperature range -10°c – +40°c
  • Ambient room temperature: 40°c
  • Can control, stop or slow fermentation of yeast for up to 72 hours.
  • Eliminates the need for overtime wages.
  • Relative humidity level up to 95%
  • Single solid door
  • Auto defrost and evaporation of condesate water
  • Internal Lighting
  • Self closing door
  • on castors
  • Internal light
  • If unit is in an area with hard water, we recommend installing a water filter to protect the components
  • Monoblock refrigerating unit with internal evaporator for accessibility
  • R452a refrigerant
  • Manufacture code: AFL021 BAKING CAB FL 70


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