FED Spiral Mixer 64 Litre Fixed Bowl

Model Number: FS60M
Brand: FED
Dimensions: 480mm Wide x 840mm Deep x 1000mm High
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Spiral Mixers FS Series
The FS60M is another powerful spiral mixer in FED’s huge line up of mixers and bakery equipment.

One of the finest spiral mixers we have on offer at FED, this unit is sure to deliver the smoothest dough mixture possible. The FS60M is a part of a prime collection of perfected dough mixers from the bakery equipment experts at Bakermax.

This workhorse is made for pizzerias, cafes, bakeries and restaurants who require a machine that processes and mixes dough to produce breads, wraps, pizzas and other bread-based meals.

Bakermax’s dough machines, bakery equipment and tools are the cream of the crop for those operating a bakery or pizzeria. These machines sit at the top in terms of performance, function and build.

The FS60M is one of our biggest mixers on offer, holding up to an impressive 64 litres or 25kg dry, and can easily fit the dough requirements of any pizzeria, cafe and bakery.


  • Manual Control Panel
  • Stainless steel cover with safeguard
  • CE certification
  • Strong & durable
  • Clean easily
  • Fully automatic
  • 64 ltr
  • Max Dry Ingredients*: 25 kg
  • Product range comes in various sizes
  • No timer
  • Maximum capacities are based on dry bread flour and a minimum of 55% water content

Maximum capacities In all cases are based on dry bread flour and a MINIMUM of 55% water content. Overloading machines and/or using the incorrect speed can cause damage & will void warranty.

Net Weight (Kg) 180
Width (mm) 480
Depth (mm) 840
Height (mm) 1000
Packing Width (mm) No
Packing Depth (mm) No
Packing Height (mm) No
Power 240V; 3kW; 15A outlet required


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