Festive York YH12 Hot Food Display 1200mm Wide

Model Number: YH12
Brand: Festive
Dimensions: 1200mm Wide x 640mm Deep x 1400 High


York Heated

At 1400mm high this cabinet offers great space to display the widest range of hot food product possible.  This heated cabinet creates a great look while still allowing excellent server-customer communication (up to 95°C operating temperature)

Available in lengths of 600, 900, 1200 & 1530

Height: 1400mm.  A classy serve-over cabinet range that maximises height and display area, while still allowing interaction between staff and customers. The York is unrivaled for the capacity it holds at this popular height of 1.4 meters. With its framed top and front glass, and minimalist frame this cabinet makes displayed food stand out.

Key Features
  • GlassMax minimalist canopy (more glass/less frame) that maximises the visibility of displayed food from all angle
  • Full glass top for top down viewing of displayed food
  • Mitrex frame that is flush welded with mitred joins to give both robustness and a designer finish
  • Six shelf levels; offering more extensive display area than comparable cabinets
  • Thermostatically controlled to operate at a temperature between 30 – 95°C
  • Fan forced air flow for even heat distribution
  • Rear sliding glass doors on friction-free, low wear tracks (doors removable for easy cleaning)
  • Mounted on swivel castors
  • Rapid response element for better temperature control
  • SlimLED under-shelf LED strip lighting with 12V safety


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Specification Download (94.57 KB)