Follett E15FS100A Freestanding Ice & Water Dispenser

Model Number: E15FS100A
Brand: Follett
Dimensions: 371mm Wide x 597mm Deep x 1194mm High
E15FS100A 15 Series Freestanding Ice & Water Dispenser

Compact, Sanitary, Efficient, Attractive, Antimicrobial treatment, Refreshing Consumer Preferred Chewblet ice. Chewable slow melting nuggets are the perfect size and shape for bedside carafes. They mould easily for ice packs & cool quickly without bruising the patient.

  • Compact, Sanitary, Efficient, Attractive, Agion Antimicrobial and Refreshing.
  • Drainless option available.
  • Optional Feet & Drain available.

Ice Production

Produces 54.4kg of ice per day at 21°C Air & 10°C Water Temperature

Produces 40.8kg of ice per day at 32°C Air & 21°C Water Temperature


Ice Storage; Stores 6.8kg of ice.


Ice Storage



Power; 10 amp

E15FS100A: 371mm wide x 597mm deep x 1194mm high


Warranty; 2 years parts & labour


For use in applications with less than 400 mg/L total
dissolved solids and less than 200 mg/L hardness in water
(either naturally occurring or treated with reverse osmosis or
other TDS reducing technology).
Not recommended for use with softened water.

Note: *For Warranty Compliance the water filter is to be replaced 6 monthly
*For prolonged life a service is recommended 6 monthly

Follett series installed


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