Robot Coupe 450 XL FW Ultra Whisk

Model Number: MP450 FW XL Ultra

Dimensions: 175mm Wide Whisk x 690mm Tube Height

 Pan Capacity

100 liters
Tube length mixing tool height 690mm
Power 500 Watts

Speeds: 150 to 510 rpm whisk

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Ergonomic handle for a better user experience.

New power cord winding system for tidy storage and optimum lifespan.

New patented «Easy Plug» system making it easier to replace the power cord during after-sales servicing.

The lug on the motor housing can serve as a rest and pivot on the rim of a pan, making the power mixer easier to handle.

Overmoulded blade to ensure perfect hygiene.
Sharpening designed to give optimum speed and
perfect quality of cut.

Metal gear box.
Gears contained within 2 separate metal casings which make the gearbox very strong and resistant under heavy processing.
Fast coupling of the whisks on the gear box and the gear box on the motor base for easy assembling and dismantling. Overmoulded whisks to ensure perfect hygiene.