Fornitalia Blackline Electric 2 Deck Pizza Oven

Model Number: BL/2 105/105
Brand: Fornitalia
Dimensions: 1450mm Wide x 1460mm Deep x 910mm High


Fornitalia Black Line BL/2 with warmer cabinet

Blackline: the new reference point among professional static ovens. The quality Fornitalia achieves its highest point thanks to a series of exclusive functionalities.


  • 12 cm insulated crown and iron casing insulated by ceramic fibre.
  • Frontal bodywork with multiple profiles.
  • Double chamber observation window.
  • Electronic control panel complete with timer that allows the user to set the switch-on time required (2 times can be pre-set)
  • Glass gasket resistant to any kind of technical or mechanical stress.
  • Automatic maintenance and control of the following temperatures: ceiling, plate and balance between left and right side of the plate.
  • Automatic oven adjustment 50% or 100% of power
  • In accordance with Worldwide health and safety regulations.

Ovens as specified in table below are double deck. Single and triple deck options are available.



Pizza Oven Fornitalia Black Line 2 Deck with (optional) warmer
Model External Dimension
[W x D X H]
Internal Dimensions
[W x D X H] Per deck
Electrical Power Weight
BL/2 105/105 145 cm 146 cm 91 cm 105 cm 105 cm 18 cm 3 Phase, 415V, 50Hz 14kW per deck 444 Kg
BL/2 105/70 145 cm 91 cm 75 cm 105 cm 70 cm 16 cm 12.6kW per deck 300 Kg
Warmer Optional


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