Bromic 352Lt Chest Freezer with Curved glass sliding Lids

Model Number: CFO400ATCG

Dimensions: 1298mm wide x 615mm deep x 949mm high

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Display Chest Freezer Angled Glass Top 352L CF0400ATCG

Bromic’s CF0400ATCG Angled Glass Top 352L Chest Freezer prioritises product visibility by tilting its curved glass top towards customers. This unit feature easy-clean condensers to keep condensation on the lockable sliding glass doors to a minimum in even the harshest Australian conditions.

The angled top curved glass chest freezer offers the perfect display for ice cream and frozen foo


  • Digital temperature display
  • 5 off Durable PVC coated storage baskets included (all full populated)
  • Temperature range: -22°c to -12°c
  • Smooth sliding Curved glass lids (open left and right)
  • Integrated lock and keys
  • High load limit increases storage volume
  • Lockable castors for easy positioning
  • Easy clean condenser design for better protection, less condensation, less humidity even in tropical climatic conditions
  • 10 amp single phase plug & lead supplied

Versatility is the key to a great cold storage unit. It should be spacious enough to showcase several kinds of food and beverage. At the same time, it should be sturdy enough to withstand daily wear and tear. Most importantly, it should have features that can maintain product quality for increased customer satisfaction.

Our commercial chest freezers, including the CF0400ATCG 352L model, include a digital temperature control mechanism so you can easily adjust the coldness based on the food items that will be stored inside. Removable PVC coated storage baskets allows for flexibility and easier clean-up. A built-in defrost drain prevents water from accumulating inside the machine and causing internal problems or damage due to the daily wear and tear.

Product CF0400ATCG 352L chest freezer is an angle-top freezer that comes with curved glass panels in an aluminium casing. The unit comes with five storage baskets to display a variety of items all at once. Equipped with the digital temperature control, temperatures for this freezer ranges from -22°C to -12°C. Finally, lockable castors make moving it around the store an easy thing to do.

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