Hallde RG 200 Counter Top Vegetable Preparation Machine

Model Number: RG200
Brand: Hallde


The RG-200 is Hallde’s entry level full moon vegetable preparation machine. This means that the machine will fit larger objects such as vegetables or fruit without the need to cut them down in size before processing them in the machine.

The RG-200 features an ergonomic leaning design that makes using the machine very easy and simple.The RG-200 is powered by a powerful high torque motor and a maintenance free gear drive, no belts or intermediate connections are used. This creates an exceptionally efficient and reliable machine irrespective of the products being processed.
The RG-200 is suitable for all types of food outlets and generally recommended for outlets that perform an average up to 50kg of processing per day or require a machine to fit larger items in. It can however be used for more if necessary.


Power 370 Watts
Voltage 230 Single Phase, 10 AMP
Speed(s) One speed
Safety System 2 safety switches
Sound Level 73 dBA
Machine Weight 18 kg

**Optional Machine Table available separately

Since 1941 Hallde has designed and manufactured Heavy Duty Commercial Food Preparation Machines and Food Processors. Sold in more than 80 countries worldwide Hallde sets the benchmark for Commercial Food Preparation Machines.
Hallde Vegetable Preparation Machines


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