Hallde RG 250 Counter Top Vegetable Preparation Machine

Model Number: RG250
Brand: Hallde
Dimensions: 285mm Wide x 450mm Deep x 586mm High


The RG-250 introduces the Ergoloop push feeder and a deeper knife chamber, along with the ergonomic Hallde leaning design.

The Ergoloop push feeder makes working with the machine over longer periods much easier for the operator as 50% less effort is required to push product through the machine. The deeper knife chamber means greater machine output and a larger selection of cutting tool options. The RG-250 is powered by a powerful high torque motor and a maintenance free gear drive, no belts or intermediate connections are used. This creates an exceptionally effi cient and reliable machine irrespective of the products being processed.
The RG-250 is recommended for larger food outlets that perform an average up to 100kg of processing per day or require a machine that offers considerable reduced effort to the operator, especially when processing harder items such as grating cheese or dicing hard


Power 370 Watts
Voltage 230 Single Phase, 10 AMP
Speed(s) One speed
Safety System 2 safety switches
Sound Level 72 dBA
Machine Weight 21 kg

**Optional Machine Table available separately

Since 1941 Hallde has designed and manufactured Heavy Duty Commercial Food Preparation Machines and Food Processors. Sold in more than 80 countries worldwide Hallde sets the benchmark for Commercial Food Preparation Machines.
Hallde Vegetable Preparation Machines save time & money, and produce excellent results every time. More than 150 cutting tools & blades available across all models. Perfect slicing, dicing, grating, julienne and potato chips in no time, every time. From 2kg/min to 40kg/min Hallde offers the most comprehensive range of Vegetable Preparation Machines to suit almost every requirement.


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