Evereo 600 10 GN 1/1 Hot Fridge Food Preserver Electric Oven

Model Number: XEEC-1011-EPR

Dimensions: 750mm wide x 618mm Deep x 916mm Height

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The Food Preservation Revolution is here - UNOX EVEREO!!

EVEREO® is the first ever Hot Fridge, a unique piece of equipment that preserves cooked meals for days at the temperature you will serve them.
Evereo is the only piece of equipment that utilizes the Service Temperature Food Preserving patented technology to preserve food safely by using extremely accurate temperature and atmosphere control combined with the most modern technologies in insulation to avoid heat loss.

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7” Touch control panel
Single phase, 10 amp plug supplied
LED lighting
256 User programs
Automatic Programme Set – auto time and preserve settings
Multi Time Set Technology – preserve different products at the same time with 6 timers
ROP (Re order Point) – Set the programs minimum number of portions that is required of each item on each shelf, to display as an alert – never run out of your best selling items


EVEREO®’s strength lies in the accurate control of the temp and the atmospheric conditions inside the chamber, thanks to the use of latest generation sensors. Set any temperature from 40 °C to 80 °C with the certainty of a degree of precision of 0,5 °C.
EVEREO® is so precise that it maintains the same uniform temp on every shelf and its heating and cooling system is fast and powerful to quickly and effectively compensate for temp changes when the door is opened or a food at a colder or warmer temp is placed into its chamber.


EVEREO® helps you to manage your menu preparation during quieter times.  
In “MULTI.Day” mode you can choose or set the program that is more suitable to preserve your food for days in sealed containers. 
With “SUPERHOLDING” mode you can set your personal programs while using open containers or trays, and have your food held at the precise temperature and humidity that you have set for up to 8 hours.


When you are using EVEREO® in  “SUPERHOLDING”, you have full control of the temperature and the humidity within in.  Excess moisture during the holding of food has a negative impact on the organoleptic properties allows holding times of no longer than 2 hours Items such as meat, fish and grilled vegetables, if held in environments that are too humid, acquire a boiled consistency and taste.


When you insert food containers into the chamber you can set your Re-order Point (ROP) for each tray and according to your needs. 
The ROP is a minimum number of sous-vide single portions that must always be present in order not to run out during service of your best selling menu items. The display will warn you when the number falls below.


EVEREO®, thanks to its intelligent sensors, constantly monitors the climatic conditions inside the chamber according to the settings that you have set. 
If the sensors detect that one of the food container’s seals could have been compromised,  the display warns you immediately.

With precise sensors, EVEREO® intervenes by activating to regulate the expulsion of humidity in excess through a special intelligent valve to guarantee excellent holding results that can last uncompromised up to 8 hours!

Evereo Multi Day Vacuum Pump


Individually Heated Trays


 Sealed Cooked Meat


Ready to Serve When You Are

Six more reasons to choose the Revolution:
EVEREO® preserves food’s nutritional values and cellular structure. From the moment it is cooked, to the moment in which it is served, food does not undergo any alteration and keeps its internal temperature uniform.

EVEREO® uses the most modern insulation technologies to avoid losing heat, with a lower consumption than a freezer.

Ready, hot dishes, at all times and at any moment of the day. From the order to the plate in just a few seconds. What is the result? Extremely quick service times, increased table turnover and greater profit.

EVEREO® allows you to centralize or outsource your kitchen operations, enabling you to reach scale economies or to sell your food even in places where a kitchen cannot be operated.

Preparing part of your menu in advance means being able to optimize how your staff uses time in the kitchen: cooking when the kitchen is not busy will keep your team free when there is no time but for your customers.

Food waste can be reduced to zero: long preservation times allow you to serve tomorrow what you didn’t sell today, eliminating any waste of food and profit for
your business.


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