Brema Ice Cube Maker Head Only 400kg Production

Model Number: VM900

Dimensions: 770mm Wide x 550mm Deep x 800mm Height

Fast ice maker on a vertical evaporator, without internal storage bin.  Produces up to 400kg in a 24 hour period. Can be combined with different models of bins.

Thanks to its pyramid trunk shape and weight of about 7 grams, this ice is ideal for fast food stores and bars.

This ice is high performing - the cubes detach individually, and fall into the bin perfectly separate from each other and of equal size.


  • Stainless Steel Finish
  • Ice Cube size of 7 grams
  • produces 400kg per 24 hours at air temp 21°c and water temp 15°
  • produces 355kg per 24 hours at air temp 32°c and water temp 215°
  • Single phase 15 amp power supply needed
  • Ice storage bin to suit available
  • Usable Bins: Bin 240 PE; Bin 200; Bin 350; RB Double Roller Bin 100