Brema Undercounter Ice Cube Machine 29kg Production

Model Number: CB249A

Dimensions: 390mm Wide x 460mm Deep x 690mm Height

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Brema’s flagship CB249A Self Contained 13g Ice Maker produces 29kg per day of artisan crystalline ice cubes with 9kg of storage capacity. The elegant and impactful 13g Cube maximises profits by holding its temperature and melts vastly slower than its competitors, meaning your beverage on the rocks truly stays on the rocks.



  • Produces 28kg of cube ice per 24 hours
  • Storage capacity 9 KG
  • Gravity feed Drain
  • Integral ice storage bin generously insulated
  • 10 Amp power required
  • Stainless Steel finished
  • Suitable for under counter , on counter , Freestanding
  • Ice productions calculated on 21°C ambient air temp and 15 °C incoming water temp
  • Water filter is recommended to be fitted


  • Comes with its own water filter & pressure limiting valve, saving you over $300
  • No tools required or panels removed to clean spray arms and filters, meaning quick easy cleaning
  • individual cube moulds gradually build cubes as it freezes for long lasting crystalline cubes
  • Perfect ice maker for cafe's or smaller operations that require a benchtop of freestanding unit
Note: *For Warranty Compliance the water filter is to be replaced 6 monthly
          *For prolonged life a service is recommended 6 monthly