Ice-O-Matic Ice Dispenser with Jug Filler 81kg Storage, Dispenser only

Model Number: CD40530JF

Dimensions: 762mm Wide x 851mm Deep x 1861mm Height

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CD40530JF Cube Ice Dispenser with Jug Fill 
(Does not include ice machine)

 Dispenses Ice Cube only (No Water)

Power clean allows access to the bin for easy cleaning without moving the ice machine. Great for food safety.

Designed to fill 5L Willow Jugs. 

Push Button Dispense.

Ice Dispensers with a simple turbo dispense operation – dispenses up to 1/2kg of ice per second. User friendly push to dispense. Smudge proof finish prevents finger prints & smudges. 

Power Clean - allows access to the bin for easy cleaning without moving the ice machine. Interlock safety switch turns off machine agitation when the top or front access panel is removed.

Maximum Ice - maximum ice storage in a minimum amount of space with an ultra low profile.

Maximum Preservation - Ice dispensers are insulated with an average of 100mm of foam for maximum Ice preservation.

Manufactured in U.S.A 

Push Button Dispense.

Storage Capacity: Stores up to 81kg of ice. 

Power: 10 amp.

Energy and Environment - Up to 20% more energy efficient than other models. Environmentally friendly, including BPA-free plastic and recyclable parts.

Sanitation - Plastic Food Zone eliminates hard-to-clean nooks and crannies, allowing for effortless wipe down and easy, long-lasting sanitation.

- Built in Agion ensures unbeatable antimicrobial protection

- Smart LED light indicates machine status and when cleaning is required.

- Simple, one-touch controls for sanitization and descaling

- BPA-free snap-in, snap-out dishwasher-safe components.

* Designed to fill 5L Willow Jugs.