Ice-O-Matic Ice Flaker 343 Kilos Production head Only

Model Number: MFI0805

Dimensions: 533mm Wide x 610mm Deep x 686mm Height

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MFI0805 Modular Flake Ice Maker


Producing Granular Flake ice ideal for both preservation and presentation of perishable food items

Rugged stainless steel evaporator & auger ensures reliability.

System Safe load Monitoring system constantly checks workload on gear box-Shutting down system before a problem develops and preventing costly repairs.

Water sensor eliminateslow or no water failures and cannot be affected by adverse water condition.

Ice Production:

  • Produces up to 333kg of ice per day at 21°C Air & 10°C Water Temperature.
  • Produces up to 245kg of ice per day at 32°C Air & 21°C Water Temperature.


Ice Type



Power; 15 amp


Recommended Storage Bin (sold separately)
ICB230SC, stores up to 230kg of ice

BT55 Bin Top Adaptor Required


ICB230C: 764mm x 810mm x 1275mm

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Note: *For Warranty Compliance the water filter is to be replaced 6 monthly
          *For prolonged life a service is recommended 6 monthly


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