Follett Ice Transport Device With 308kg Storage Capacity

Model Number: DEV700SG

Dimensions: 762mm Wide x 788mm Deep x 1969mm Height

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Elevated, chuted ice storage bin and cart systems use gravity to load ice into cart.

System provides exceptional labor-savings,
sanitation and safety for foodservice operations using cube and
Chewblet® ice. (Not recommended for flake ice.)
Each model includes full stainless exterior bin and base,
corrosion-resistant ABS/poly top cut for specified icemaker,
rotomolded polyethylene SmartCART ™ ice cart with 3 poly
Totes™ ice carriers on a SmartCART 75, 82 oz plastic ice scoop,
probe and rake tool set. Refer to chart on reverse for other
Wide range of sizes to meet varied needs
• Widths from 30" to 60" (762 to 1524 mm) and capacities from
460 to 1650 lbs (209 to 748 kg)
Labor-saving ice removal
• Ice flows smoothly through chute into a Totes ice carrier when
chute door is opened
• Eliminates need to shovel or scoop ice from bin
• Reduces ice removal time by up to 75%
Faster, safer ice transport
• Slim, 21.5" (547 mm) wide cart safely moves 75 lbs (34 kg) of
ice through narrow aisles (other cart options available)
• Oversized back wheels allow easy rolling over safety mats
and uneven floors
Safe, sanitary, easy ice distribution
• Rugged poly Totes ice carriers limit lifted weight to
25 lbs (11 kg) for safer ice delivery
• Rectangular design facilitates transfer into beverage
dispensers, wait stations and ice wells
• Dedicated-use Totes ice carriers deliver more sanitary ice
• Hinged lid on cart protects ice during transport
Convenient, safer SmartGATE® ice shield
• First ice in is first ice out
• Provides positive control of ice flow into access door area
• Slots allow safer breaking of ice bridges through gate,
reducing spillage
• Locks open in 3 positions
• Returns easily to full down position even when bin is full
Durable polyethylene lift doors with PowerHinge™
door hinge
• Doors stay safely open – no door catches
• No sharp corners to injure workers
• Molded-in gasket never needs to be replaced
• Easy one-hand open and close
Non-corroding poly liners, top and trim
• Eliminates pitting, corrosion, staining from released chlorine
• Makes cleaning easy
Optional Accessories
• Additional cart and Totes ice carrier (refer to form# 3435)
• Drain pan (required for some Vogt icemakers;
consult factory)
• Flexi-Tops™ ice bin top system for 48" (1220 mm) and
60" (1524 mm) wide models (refer to form# 4025)

Note: *For Warranty Compliance the water filter is to be replaced 6 monthly
          *For prolonged life a service is recommended 6 monthly


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