Hoshizaki Ice Dispenser for Hotel With KM-650 Ice Maker 90kg Storage

Model Number: DB 200H Hotel with KM-650 Ice Maker

Dimensions: 762mm Wide x 757mm Deep x 2296 Height

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Sanitary Ice Cube Dispenser
Simply the World’s Best Ice

• Produce more quality ice
• Crystal clear, hard individual uniquely shaped crescent cubes that last longer in drinks
• Use less energy
• Cycle 1/2 as many times as competition
• Cubes don’t clump together in storage bins
• Unique stainless steel evaporator design which is unaffected by caustic water, harsh cleaning agents and doesn’t crack or peel like nickel plated evaporators
• Long life stainless steel construction
• Inbuilt, removable, easily cleaned, reusable air filters
KM-650 Ice Maker on DB200 Dispenser
Features & Benefits
Totally enclosed design Ensures ice dispensing is kept to the
highest possible health and safety standards
Large dispense chute Large opening has been specifically
designed to cater for 5 or 10 litre
Willow™ jugs
Huge storage Storage capacity of up to approximately 91kg of ice
*Ideal for Mine Sites


Note: *For Warranty Compliance the water filter is to be replaced 6 monthly
          *For prolonged life a service is recommended 6 monthly



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