Coast High Capacity Filter System With 1 x CD200 Cartridge

Model Number: CD20

Dimensions: 100mm Wide x 100mm Deep x 520mm Height



Improves ice and beverage quality, optimises equipment performance and service life


• Sediment and chlorine reduction improves water & ice quality to enhance beverage appearance and taste.
• Reduces hardness scale to protect and extend equipment life.
• Sanitary quick change design – easy to use and hygienic to change out fi lter cartridges.
• Range of sizes and capacities to suit applications.
• Manufactured in USA. International independent performance certifi cation.
Water related issues are the most common cause of ice machine problems. Coast Distributors provide a range of
quick change water fi lter systems to enhance ice quality and extend the performance and life of ice machines.
The filter systems feature a quick change sanitary design which is not only easy to install and use, but also protects
against water contamination by eliminating handling of the fi lter media. The fi lter systems are available in a range of
confi gurations to suit all applications.