Ice-O-Matic ICEU 86 Gourmet Ice Maker 37.5kg Production

Model Number: ICEU 86
Dimensions: 467mm Wide x 570mm Deep x 840mm High on legs

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ICEU86 Self Contained Gourmet Ice Maker
Produces crystal clear conical ice.
No side clearance required. Air is drawn in and exhausted from the front.

Ice Production

Up to 37.5kg at 21°c air & 10°c water temperature

Up to 28kg at 32°c air & 21°c water temperature

 Ice Storage: 15kg Storage Bin

Power: 10 amp

Warranty: 2 years parts & labour

Water Filter Options
Recommended water filter CD10

Note: *For Warranty Compliance the water filter is to be replaced 6 monthly
*For prolonged life a service is recommended 6 monthly
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