IGF 33 Litre Spiral Dough Mixer 2200

Model Number: 2200/S25
Brand: IGF
Dimensions: 430mm Wide x 720mm Deep x 710mm High


Similar to the IGF 2200 spiral mixers, but this range has a timer. A great solution for the medium to small sized pizza business.

  • Fixed Head Spiral Mixer
  • Noiseless due to it’s compact mechanics (60dB Max)
  • An oil bath transformer allows to optimise the mechanics
  • Special grid that allows the addition of extra ingredients during mixing
  • Space saving design
  • 3 protection systems, both active and passive, for complete operator safety during use, cleaning and maintenance
  • In accordance with Worldwide Health and Safety Regulations
  • Single speed spiral mixer
  • With timer

Also available without a Timer.

IGF 2200 Spiral Mixer, IGF Fixed Head

Model S16 S25 S38 S42
Capacity 20 lt 33 lt 40 lt 50 lt
Flour Weight 7 Kg 12 Kg 18 Kg 22 Kg
With minimum 50% water content
Power 240V 50Hz, Single Phase 10amp 415V Three Phase
1.0 Hp 1.5 Hp 2.0 Hp See below
Speed Single Speed Dual Speed 1.7/2.5 Hp
Width 39 cm 43 cm 48 cm 53 cm
Depth 68 cm 72 cm 79 cm 85 cm
Height 62 cm 71 cm 71 cm 71 cm
Weight 58 Kg 88 Kg 101 Kg 106 Kg


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