IGF 35 Litre Spiral Dough Mixer 2400T Lift Up Head

Model Number: S25MT
Brand: IGF
Dimensions: 430mm Wide x 780mm Deep x 850mm High

Thanks to the use of electronics, this machine is even more sophisticated than the IGF 2200 spiral mixer series. It is the best mixer for pizzerias, confectioneries and small bakeries.

  • Electronic control timer.
  • The machine head can be tipped over due to a gas piston, for a safer and easier to control lifting.
  • The container can be quickly unscrewed (IGF patent), it has a nylon gasket, it is scratch-resistant and ideal for all kinds of surfaces.
  • The engine is completely isolated from the working section to guarantee the best hygienic conditions.
  • Whisks of high quality steel, specially forged, equipped with a locking mechanism and a practical device for quick removal.
  • High quality mechanics, tested for the most difficult tasks.
  • Joints are made of special resin, are patented and covered by a 20 year guarantee.
  • Practical and quick to unscrew, with a 20 year guaranteed mechanism.
  • 5 protection systems, both active and passive, for complete safety during work, cleaning and maintenance.
  • 6 IGF patents were used for this machine.


IGF 2400 Spiral Mixer, Folding Head

Model S25 S38
Capacity 35 lt 43 lt
Flour Weight
with minimum
50% water content
12 Kg 18 Kg
Power: 240V 50Hz
Single Phase 10amp
1.5 Hp 2.0 Hp
Width 43 cm 48 cm
Depth 78 cm 80 cm
Height 85 cm 85 cm
Weight 115 Kg 120 Kg


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