LUUS FSP-45 Freestanding Stockpot Cooker 1 Duckbill Burner

Model Number: FSP-45
Brand: Luus
Dimensions: 450mm Wide x 600mm Deep x 530mm High

The Freestanding Stockpot Boiler range is brilliant in its simplicity. Compact and sturdy, they are engineered to operate without the need for a flue or cooling system. A heavy duty one piece cast iron trivet paired with the flexibility of a duckbill or round burner allows for all day slow cooking and simmering of stocks, soups, and sauces.


  • Compact with no flues, splashbacks or cooling required
  • Contoured cast iron trivet also allows for use with woks
  • Choice of ‘Duckbill’ (standard) or ‘Round’ burners
  • “Everlast” zinc-alloy handles with 5 year replacement guarantee
  • Compact: pace saving size
  • Suitable for using 450mm in diameter
  • Standard with 1 x 18 jet 90mj/h Duckbill Burner ideal for high/faststir frying
  • Robust cast iron trivet with wok shaped contours
  • Low working height for easy use
  • OPTIONAL; Round Burners for additonal Flame control (MUST SPECIFY WHEN ORDERING)
  • 15 month platinum Warranty
  • Easy clean and service


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