Mediclinics Machflow M09ACS Hand Dryer – Satin

Model Number: M09ACS
Dimensions: 213mm Wide x 170mm Deep x 330mm High

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Mediclinics Machflow Eco Hand Dryer – Satin Stainless Steel


Suitable For: Cinema/Theatres, Colleges, Heavy use (301 to 500 uses per day), Public Attractions, Pubs, Primary Schools & High Schools, Sports Stadiums, Swimming Pools, Public Toilets.

The Machflow was one of the fastest performing dryers to come through our in house testing. It is a robust but stylish and compact unit that has become increasingly popular in the European market,  

The Machflow has the ability to manually adjust the motor speed to reduce the energy expenditure and noise levels when required. It is rated at between 420 and 1100 watts depending on the motor speed and uses under 5 watts per dry at a maximum cost of just 51p per 1000 dries!

On maximum speed we did find the dryer was right up there with the fastest on offer, however at the lower speeds it does become considerably less effective which is why we found the extremeAir range to offer greater flexibility. The Machflow has no heater element and is reliant on residual heat from the motor speed.

This is a high quality product that we would recommend this for mid to high traffic areas (300-500 uses per day) as a maximum.

This unit comes in 3 classic finishes of white steel, polished chrome stainless steel and brushed satin stainless steel and is manufactured in Europe with a 3 year guarantee provided.


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