Menumaster DEC18E Heavy Duty Microwave Oven 1800watt

Model Number: DEC18E
Brand: Menumaster
Dimensions: 425mm Wide x 578mm Deep x 343mm High

Menumaster Microwave & Speed Ovens for Commercial Kitchen


The Menumaster DEC18E Heavy Duty Commercial Microwave Oven has 1800 watts of cooking power harnessed through 100 program menu settings to deliver programming flexibility and accommodate multifaceted menus. The DEC18E model is suitable for more than 200 uses per day and is constructed to withstand thousands of hours of operation.

  • Huge 1800 watts of cooking power that easily cooks, steams and boost heats single portions
  • Compact footprint with no vent hood required
  • 100 program menu settings and 4 stages of cooking
  • Unique dual, top and bottom, antenna system for consistent, fast cooking
  • Interlocks tested beyond industry standards and withstand thousands of door closings
  • With 15amp single phase plug
  • Maximum cooking time 60:00 compared to competition’s 35:00
  • 100 program menu settings and 4 stages of cooking compared to competition’s 60 settings and 3 stages
  • Economical installation that saves time and money
  • Accepts one 6 inch deep 1/2 size food pan, meaning greater outputs and expanded menu possibilities
  • Exceptional fit and finish with rounded easy to clean corners, no snagging fingers or cloths



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