Middleby Marshall DZ33T Electric Conveyor Oven

Model Number: DZ33T
Dimensions: 1499mm Wide x 991mm Deep x 556mm High

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DZ33T Electric Conveyor Oven

Middleby Marshall CTX Infrared Conveyor Oven

The CTX is the ultimate, multiple platform oven. Whether proteins, vegetables, pizzas, or baked goods, the CTX makes automation an easy choice.

  • Top & bottom infrared emitters evenly heat (two on top & two on bottom)
  • Independently-controlled microprocessor with time/date clock standby mode & self cleaning cycle
  • Quiet operation
  • Patented MenuSelect feature allows the operator to preset up to 15 different time and temperature combinations
  • 31.22” (793mm) Heating zone
  • 56.25″ (1429mm) Belt Length
  • 18” (457mm)  wide single belt
  • Stackable up to three high.
  • Bake operating temperature; 93°c – 482°c
  • Leg stand (Optional)
  • Fully insulted on all sides
  • For installation under a ventilation hood


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Specification Download (1.62 MB)